Increased Yields For Cotton

Cotton demands high levels of nutrients, particularly as management intensifies. With this in mind, balanced fertilization is critical, and the balanced nutrition in Rainbow Plant Food helps farmers grow the best cotton possible.

A side by side comparison trial conducted in Tifton, Georgia demonstrates that Rainbow Plant Food can provide higher yields for your cotton crop. An application of 600 lb/ac. of each fertilizer product was broadcast and Deltapine 1646 B2XF was planted on May 29. The remainder of the nitrogen was applied as a dry broadcast application. On October 12, the test plot was harvested. A full module was harvested from each treatment to determine lint yield and fiber quality.

Trial results from Excelsior Farms, Georgia

The Rainbow Plant Food cotton plot yielded 782 lb of lint per acre while the blended 3-9-18 plot yielded 641 lb of lint per acre. This represents a lint yield increase of 141 lb per acre over a conventional blend, and a gross return of $102.17/ac. The gin report showed that Rainbow 3-9-18 yielded 81.8% more premium cotton. Figured at $0.04/lb lint for payment on premium cotton, this is a $12.79/ac gain for the grower.

Trial results from Excelsior Farms, Georgia

Build a solid foundation for your cotton crop

Rainbow fertilizer has the yield advantage because of its unique ability to supply macro and micronutrients in every fertilizer particle. The ammoniation process chemically combines plant nutrients into a single granule, each of which contains nearly identical amounts of all the ingredients. Granules are uniform in size, shape and weight, so the fertilizer spreads evenly. Whether you broadcast or band apply Rainbow Plant Food, every plant across the field will have the necessary nutrients available.

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