Homogenous fertilizer benefits following volatile weather conditions

As some growers wrap up planting others are just getting started, and for some the thought of getting the tractor out in the field is still weeks away. Growers across the country are facing varied levels of volatile weather, but all should be considering the effect on the soil’s nutrient availability.

Following volatile spring conditions, your soils could be deficient in certain nutrients. If residual soil fertility levels are inadequate, the distribution of fertilizer granules becomes critical for root development. Homogenous compound fertilizers provide a significant advantage in nutrient availability, especially early in the growing season when plant root systems are small and have not yet thoroughly developed in the soil.

“We think of nitrogen as leaching or volatilizing up in the air, but sulfur and boron, these elements can do this too,” says Nutrien Representative John Niemeyer. “If we’re just putting sulfur on in a wet spring, there is a chance of losing that into the ground water. Any element that’s in a stable form that has a negative charge is not going to bind with the soil.”

With a homogenous fertilizer like Rainbow Plant Food, where we’re adding micronutrients in each granule and applying it evenly across the ground and much closer spaced, the nutrients within each granule – both micro and macro – are not as vulnerable to losses compared to applying each nutrient on its own. When applied on their own, nutrients including chloride, boron, manganese, nitrogen and sulfur are particularly susceptible to loss under wet conditions. Homogenous fertilizers supply these nutrients in many more granules per acre, providing greater probability of root contact and nutrient uptake.

Rainbow Plant Food benefits are greatest for:

  • Inadequate soil nutrient levels
  • Immobile nutrients such as P, K and micronutrients
  • Root limiting conditions
  • Tap-rooted crops with limited early season lateral roots

Whether you broadcast or apply it in-row, every plant across the field will have the necessary nutrients available when it’s needed most.

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