Growers share their Rainbow Plant Food results in a challenging year

Despite unpredictable weather causing unfavorable growing conditions across large parts of North America this year, many growers are still seeing positive results in their fields from Rainbow Plant Food. We recently spoke to several growers and a retailer in Tennessee who shared their experiences and results with the homogenous, granular fertilizer.

Willie German, Grower, Tennessee

“We soil test every three years. It never fails that at some point, some farms need extra sulfur, or extra boron, or extra magnesium. But they’re too expensive to just go out and spread only that. We noticed our soil samples had leveled out instead of spiking since we’ve started using Rainbow. We’ve gotten our levels up to a more level playing field.”

Conrad Powers, Grower, Tennessee

“We started using Rainbow because we were looking for a way to get our micros out in a more even pattern. From acre one to acre sixty on the load, all of the micros are even across the whole load.”

Craig Massey, Retailer, Tennessee

“Rainbow has even distribution. When it comes out the back of that fertilizer truck, it all comes out and spreads evenly, whereas the other products you have to measure, but you can’t get them true because the lighter ones are going to move to the bottom of the truck. Therefore, they’re going to come out quicker. So, some of that tail end of the ground, the last few acres, it doesn’t have the blend that it needs. Rainbow is still working for you from start to finish, and it’s even all the way through.

Mark McNabb, Grower, Tennessee

“If you get too much of one micronutrient in a fertilizer, you can lock up others. With Rainbow, it’s a homogenous granule, so you can’t get too much or too little of any specific nutrient. It’ll spread evenly across your field from start to finish, leaving no crop under nourished.”

The Rainbow difference

Rainbow Plant Food works because of its unique method of precision feeding or providing precise amounts of essential nutrients (including primary, micro and secondary) necessary for maximizing crop performance and yield.

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