Understanding the Micronutrient Needs of Cotton

Cotton demands high levels of nutrients, particularly as management intensifies. According to Nutrien Sales Representative Kevin Owens, “micronutrients are the main limiting factor that we’re seeing in our crops today that are stopping the yield potential.” With this in mind, balanced fertilization is critical, and the balanced nutrition in Rainbow Plant Food helps farmers grow the best cotton possible.

Rainbow is the premium fertilizer choice for high-value crops such as cotton. “Rainbow provides even distribution across the field versus putting those micronutrients in a blend and seeing the spottiness in the field,” says Owens. Each granule contains magnesium, manganese, boron and sulfur ­– the key ingredients to a healthy and high-yielding cotton crop.

High-yielding cotton requires large amounts of various nutrients to stimulate root growth and produce strong stalks. “Cotton quality is based on several different factors, but micronutrients are one of the key components. The farmer is actually able to produce a higher yield and profit more based on the quality of his crop.”

Nutrients in Rainbow fertilizers are in an available form, so they can move quickly to the cotton roots in time to promote healthy, hearty crops. “In Southeast Georgia, cotton is king. Not only have we seen Rainbow’s high yields in cotton crops, but we’re also seeing where it’s producing better, healthy plants that also yield a higher quality product.”  

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